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November 2016

Donovan Malcolm of Malcolm and co solicitors LLP secures £5000 compensation for client from Tottenham for wrongful arrest, unlawful detention in police custody for 11 hours and discrimination by the MET police.

Client says he is very happy and thanks to MALCOLM AND CO SOLICITORS LLP because he never thought you could get compensation from the police for them wrongfully arresting you when you were the one who called them in the 1st place.

If you think you have been treated unfairly by the police, call us now on 0207 613 4300.

October 2016


The ECO in this case the ECO refused the Appellant entry because there was no evidence of a genuine relationship and intentions to carry on a relationship if entry clearance was granted (insert relevant grounds). The Appellant a Nigerian national was carrying on a relationship with her boyfriend following introduction over a telephone conversation. Our Osondu Anoud drafted an Appeal explaining that the relationship had been carried on over various social media platforms and inserted evidence of their social media history. Mr Anoud went on to explain and show how the Appellant's boyfriend fulfilled all Spouse criteria and requirements under the Immigration Rules.

Considering the detailed Appeal documents, the ECO reversed its decision and withdrew its opposition of the Appeal.

Following the ECO's notice of withdrawal, the client said, "it is so nice working with a lawyer who is so aware of the procedures and application of the Immigration Rules. It's been a pleasure to work with you (Osondu Anoud) and I thank you for your kindness, generosity and efforts."

Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP successful with their Appeals against Entry Clearance Officer Decisions

Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP enjoyed success in the Appeal against Entry Clearance Officer’s (ECO) decision to refuse S (14 years old boy) application for entrance into the United Kingdom (UK) as the Son of a settled person in the UK - S Father. The ECO did not accept the fact that S following the death of his mother, could not be looked after sufficiently by his sick 80-year-old grandmother. S was denied entry into the UK to settle with his father and British citizen (insert relevant section). Following the submission of a very detailed and comprehensive Appeal notice and representation at the Immigration Tribunal at Taylor House, Holborn, the Judge deemed the ECO's decision to refuse entry as unreasonable considering all the circumstances.

Following the decision, the client said, "I am so grateful for the advice and assistant provided by Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP especially the skills, experience and compassion of Mr Anoud"

September 2016

Donovan Malcolm of Malcolm and co solicitors LLP secures the return of £8,800

This was client's money seized by the MET police under POCA when he was arrested for PWITS class B cannabis.

No drugs was found on our client when the police arrived acting on information received from an anonymous source. Our client was still arrested and interviewed and released on police bail, 6 months later the matter was NFA'ED as there was no evidence linking him to any drugs. The police still kept money our client had on him under POCA. This money was money he was holding for members of a "Pardner" that he ran as that was their method of saving and not Banks.

Donovan Malcolm of Malcolm and co solicitors LLP was able to force the financial investigator to return of the money with interest under s295 -s297 POCA before having to go into court at Hammersmith magistrates court.

Client from Hackney was very happy with the result as everybody else at Hammersmith magistrates court in the cash seizure court had their money seized.

If the police are trying to hold onto your money under POCA call us now on 0207 613 4300.

June 2016

Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP helps client arrested for being involved in a 41 million pound "ponzi scheme" in the UK

Our client said he was happy that he was represented by Donovan Malcolm of MALCOLM & CO SOLICITORS LLP. When he attended Bishopsgate police station for an interview as he didn't realise how serious the allegation was until he got to the station to be interviewed by FRAUD TEAM CITY OF LONDON POLICE ECONOMIC CRIME DIRECTORATE.
Mr Malcolm skillfully stopped client being charged, after his first class and professional representation the police took no further action.
Following this the client says “if I hadn't had Malcolm and Co Solicitors I wouldn't have known what to do i'm relieved and happy”
The police interview is the most important aspect in criminal defence therefore effective and diligent advice and assistance is required. 

Contact Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP if you or someone you know have been arrested or invited to the police station. Contact our 24 hour police station number on 07958 490 143

May 2016

Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP secure rape acquittal of Husband against Wife

R v A - Isleworth Crown 

Our client in this matter is a Barbados National who visited the UK to spend time with his wife. The couple had met 10 years ago whilst the wife was on holiday in Barbados. As a matter of weeks into his holiday his wife reported an incident that happened at their family home and the client found himself arrested, questioned and charged. The client with no earnings, no fixed abode and no family or friends to turn to was refused bail. The evidence in the case hindered on the victim's evidence that she was violently raped by her husband on two separate occasions.

We managed to secure authority to instruct a English Bajan Dialect interpreter to assist the client with giving evidence. The issue in the case was to do with consent. After 6 days, the jury took 40 minutes to return a unanimous Not Guilty verdict. The client was released and as he had overstayed his Visitor Visa faced deportation. Our Mr Anodu who dealt with the matter was able to secure the safe return of the client back to the Caribbean without being deported by successfully arguing that the State was the reason for the client overstaying.

Following the verdict, the client said, "I thank Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP for their kindness. I got into the UK from the Caribbean and my wife was the only one I knew. The advice and assistance I received went over and beyond what was expected of them, I doubt if this level of service will be available elsewhere. They literally saved my life".

Doctor's Career Intact After Securing A No Further Action Result

Osondu Anodu a Partner at Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP was able to convince CPS Lawyer and the Police that there was no realistic prospect of securing a conviction in a Domestic Assault matter involving a Gynaecologist practicing at Harley Street. An arrest, charge and conviction could have spelt the end of the illustrious career of one of Harley Street promising Doctors. 

The vast experience of our Mr Anodu in dealing with police station interviews and making representations thereafter, enabled him to secure a Caution plus 3 interview (voluntary attendance as the police station). The advice to disclose counter evidence to the police allowed relevant and effective representations to be made.

Speaking after the result, the client stated, “ I am extremely grateful for the advice and assistance provided by Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP especially Osondu. Keep up the good work!”

The police interview is the most important aspect in criminal defence therefore effective and diligent advice and assistance is required. 

Contact Malcolm & Co Solicitors LLP if you or someone you know have been arrested or invited to the police station. Contact our 24 hour police station number on 07500708940
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